In this section, you will find a variety of knowledge products, tools and resources to support your First Nation-municipal partnership, whether you are a member of a current CEDI partnership or not. We encourage you to download these tools and get the conversation started in your community.

In addition to the Stronger Together Toolkit, CEDI has published several knowledge products, tools and resources in order to provide support to First Nation-municipal partnerships who aren’t directly participating in the CEDI program. Informed by CEDI partnerships, current issues and other First Nations and municipalities, these knowledge products, tools, and resources aim to support First Nation-municipal partnership learning (knowledge products) and collaboration (tools) and capacity (resources).

Tools and Resources to Get Started in a First Nation-Municipal Collaboration

Stronger Together Approach and Toolkit

Stage A: Connect

Stage B: Vision

Stage C: Decide

Stage D: Act

You can click here for the Stronger Together Toolkit free download.