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We went into this CEDI program thinking there would be a project (a road, a building) then we realised we aren’t getting to a project, but our project would be our relationship and our way of working together – and that was ok. Sometimes this work, if you focus too much on something specific, you may not see that this work is a generational shift and change, culture change, changing the way we work together as neighbours.

- Morgan Bamford

, Edmonton

, AB

Our partnership has come a long way in our mutual respect and understanding. It is exciting as we begin to see the benefits of our hard work, such as the waterline to Bushe, the Emergency Response Plan and the Multi-purpose facility. Through continued communication and transparency, I believe our communities will be successful in the years to come.

- Mayor Crystal McAteer

, Town of High Level

, AB

I am pleased to participate in this important initiative with Mayor Miller and the District of Invermere. This has been so important, not only in working with the Municipality of Invermere to share our culture and the exchange of governance, but to be working together on a common goal to address our economic challenges that will strengthen our relationship and the regional economy, and move our communities forward.

- Chief Barb Cote

, Shuswap Indian Band

, B.C.

The CEDI process has been positive for my community. This collaboration between our communities is something I have pushed for many years. The facilitation is a large part of its success in our partnership with the City. Having a facilitator enables the parties to work together better; neither party is ‘lead’, and both have equal input this way.

- Michael Pelletier Senior

, Fort William First Nation

, ON

At first, I wasn’t sure of this process. But the ceremony for the Friendship Accord changed my mind. This partnership is important. We’ve never signed anything except the Peace and Friendship Treaty and that Friendship Accord. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to keep this partnership on track.

- Elder and Councillor Kerry Prosper

, Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation

, N.S.

I was surprised how little I actually knew about some of the history of First Nations in our area, even though we have been directly involved with Hiawatha First Nation for my whole life… I had a lot to learn and the first few meetings that’s what it was really about, establishing these relationships… It took a while, but it finally dawned on me if we are going to sit down and have a relationship with all of the partners around the table, we need to know something about each other. We need to understand why things are important to them.

- Mayor Joe Taylor

, Otonabee-South Monaghan

, ON