Saugeen First Nation #29 & Town of Saugeen Shores

Unique Features of this Partnership

Areas of Collaboration – Joint CED Themes

·       Infrastructure Services and Agreements

·       Inclusive Tourism

·       Active or Public Transit 

·       Energy Initiatives


·       Established a Joint Working Group.  


·       Following elections in the Nation and town, both communities have successfully integrated new members into the CEDI Working Group.


·       Released a joint media advisory.

Why Work Together?

“I am pleased to participate in this important initiative with Mayor Luke Charbonneau and the Town of Saugeen Shores … We look forward to working together to address our economic challenges, strengthen our relationship, and develop the regional economy.”

- Chief Lester Anoquot

“We are honoured to have been chosen as part of the three-year CEDI program in order to foster a stronger working relationship with Saugeen First Nation, and to work on joint economic development initiatives.”

- Mayor Luke Charbonneau, Town of Saugeen Shores

Next Steps